Slate Roof Restoration

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Slate is one of the finest roofing materials available and often has a service life of 100 years or more.  The quality of slate roofs vary in our area from a soft Pennsylvania Black Slate to a high quality Vermont Red Slate.  There are many different types of slate, colors and slate roof designs.  Miller Roofing can  repair a slate roof leak and closely match your slate type, color and roof design.

All slate roofs will need occasional repair and maintenance. While a good quality slate roof may last for a long time, the metal components of the roof will deteriorate.

Do you notice loose slates on your roof or lying on the ground?  Is there a roof leak near your chimney, dormers or in your bathroom ceiling?

The metal flashings at the chimneys, valleys, soil pipes and other roof penetrations will need to be replaced over a period of time on slate roofs.

Miller Roofing has over 89 years of experience in repairing all phases of slate roofs. There is a difference between a roofer and a “Slater”.  Our “Slaters” will do the right job the first time, saving you money and protecting your slate roof.

Contact Miller Roofing today for a free evaluation of your slate roof.

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