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Chimney Repairs

Do you see loose or missing chimney brick?  Is the stucco peeling off of your chimney?  Water stains on the ceiling near the chimney?  Is there loose mortar and white bubbly powder on the on the chimney walls up in the attic?  Is there red dust from deteriorated chimney brick lying on your attic floor? These all are signs of a chimney that needs repair.


A chimney leak can be subtle and is often a seeping leak, not a dripping leak.  Water can slowly penetrate through failed or poorly installed chimney flashing, a cracked chimney crown, or missing chimney brick pointing.  Signs of a chimney leak are wall paper or paint peeling above the chimney mantel, a white bubbly powder on the wall and ceiling near the chimney.

Most chimneys are made of stone, brick or block with a brick or terra cotta clay flu pipe.  The most common cause of damage to chimneys is moisture from inside and outside of the house.  The outside moisture is from rain, snow and ice.  The inside moisture is from the furnace and hot water heater.  The moisture causes the chimney masonry to deteriorate and fail.

The top of the chimney is the chimney crown and is the most important feature in protecting your chimney.  The purpose of the chimney crown is to protect the chimney from water penetrating the chimney stack.    A chimney crown should consist of lead flashing installed to the top of the chimney with a thick layer of concrete over the lead flashing.  The layer of concrete should extend out past the chimney walls to help prevent water from dripping down the sides of the chimney walls.


The most common cause for damaged or missing chimney brick pointing is a failed chimney crown.  On a warm winter day water penetrates through cracks in the chimney crown and seeps through the chimney brick.  At night when the temperature drops the water freezes, expands and pushes the pointing out from between the chimney brick.  Re-pointing the chimney brick without replacing the chimney crown is only addressing the symptom and ignoring the cause.

Ask a mason and he will say the leak source is the chimney, ask a roofer and he will say the leak source is the roof and when the leak is not fixed they will blame each other.  Miller Roofing will properly repair the chimney and the roof and will warranty that the work is completed right the first time.


Miller Roofing Chimney Repair Montgomery County Delaware Couty Chester County
Miller Roofing Chimney Repair

Miller Roofing Chimney Repair
Chimney Crown and Pointing Restoration In Progress

Miller Roofing Chimney Repair
Before Chimney Restoration

Miller Roofing Chimney Restoration Montgomery County Chester County Delaware County
Completed Chimney Restoration

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